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You Never Cry Like A Lover


You never cry like a lover should

Sigh when it feels real good

Or see the sky through the stone and wood

You never cry like a lover


I thought I saw somebody I loved

Sleeping deep inside you

If I could catch you in an unguarded moment

I'd stay right here beside you


You never smile at me late at night

Laugh out loud when we get it right

You can't get loose if there's too much light

You never smile like a lover


I can't live with you baby, can't live without it

And sometimes I believe in love

Sometimes I doubt it

But your life goes on

Like a broken down carousel

Where somebody left the music on


You never move like you used to do

Pour it out when you're feelin' blue

Somebody must have put some pain on you

You never cry like a lover

(You never Cry Like a Lover)


(You never cry like a lover)

You never cry

(Cry like a lover)

Come on and cry

(You never cry like a lover)



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