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Business As Usual


Look at the weather, look at the news

Look at all the people in denial

We're running time, leaving grace

Still we worship at the marketplace

While common sense is goin' out of style

I thought that I would be above it all by now

In some country garden in the shade


But it's business as usual

Day after day

Business as usual

Just grinding away

You try to be righteous

You try to do good

But business as usual

Turns your heart into wood


Monuments to arrogance reach for the sky

Our better nature's buried in the rubble

We got the prettiest White House that money can buy

Sitting up there in that beltway bubble

The main jefe talks about our freedom

But this is what he really means...


Business as usual

How dirty we play

Business as usual

Don't you get in the way

Yeah, make you feel helpless

Make you feel like a clown

Business as usual

Is breakin' me down


Boy, you can't go surfing in Century City

Yeah, them sharks out there are lurking beneath the curb

Yeah, they rob you blind, chew you up, and it ain't pretty

And it's a soul suckin', soul suckin', soul suckin', soul suckin'

Soul suckin', soul suckin' world


Business as usual

Day after day

Business as usual

Feel like walking away

A barrell of monkeys

Or band of renown

Business as usual

Is breakin' me down

Breakin' me down



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