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What Do I Do With My Heart


You don't have to say a word

I can see it in your eyes

I know what you wanna say

It's so hard to say goodbye


I can hold back my tears

And try to be strong

While our love is fallin' apart

I know what I'll say

If you walk away

But what do I do

What do I do with my heart?


I'm not gonna say a word

I know I can't change your mind

You know where you need to go

I know I'll be left behind


I won't hold you back

I won't stand in your way

If you need to make a new start

But I still wanna know

When my arms let you go

What do I do

What do I do with my heart?


Oh, girl, don't you remember?

It was not so long ago

We were makin' plans for two

Just me and you

Now you tell me that you've found somebody

Someone who loves you better

No one could ever love you

The way I do


Tell me you're not leavin' now

Tell me you're not leavin'

Tell me that you're gonna stay

Please say you'll stay with me, baby

Tell me that you love me still

Say you love me still

For this and this alone I pray

Fall down on my knees and pray


I'll do anything

Yes, I would

To save what we have

To keep you by my side

I'll love you 'til death do us part

But what do I do

What do I do

When I'm still missing you?

What do I do

What do I do with my heart?



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