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Touch Too Much

It was one of those nights
When you turn out the lights
And everything turns into view
She was taking her time
I was losin'my mind
There was nothing that she wouldn't do
It wasn't the first, wasn't the last
We knew we was makin' love
I was so satisfied, deep down inside
Like a hand in a velvet glove

Seems like a touch
Touch Too Much
Seems like a touch
Touch Too Much
Too much for my body, too much for my brain
This kind of woman's gonna drive me inside
She's got a-touch
Touch Too Much (ow)

She had the face of an angel smiling with sin
The body of Venus with arms
Dealing with danger, stroking my skin
Let the thunder and lightning start
It wasn't the first, wasn't alone
Wasn't that she didn't care
She wanted it hard, wanted it fast
She liked it done medium-rare

Seems like a touch, Touch Too Much
You know it's much too much, much too much
I really want to feel your touch
Girl you know you're getting me much too much
Seems like a touch
Just a dirty little touch
I really need you touch
Cause you're much too much too much too much

Come on, touch
Come on, touch me


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