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May to December 1964
Heinz & the Wild Boys   
People involved
Burr Bailey [= Dave Adams] (kbr); Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Heinz Burt (vcl); Ian Broad (drm); John Davies (bss); Brian Woods (bss).
Albums & singles
Questions I Can't Answer/Beating Of My Heart : UK September 1964 Columbia DB 7374
Don't Think Twice/Big Fat Spider : UK April 1965 Columbia DB 7559
I'm Not A Bad Guy/Movin' In : UK June 1966 Columbia DB 7942

Material from above appears on...
Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 1 [2lp/cd] : UK 1989 Connoisseur RP VSOP LP/MC/CD 143
Blackmore Anthology Vol. 1 [cd] : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECX-23903
Blackmore Best Collection [cd] : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECW-25088


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