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October 1962 to April 1964
The Outlaws   
People involved
Ritchie Blackmore (gtr); Chas Hodges (bss); Ken Lundgren (gtr); Mick Underwood (drm); plus Nicky Hopkins (pno) and Paul Goddard (pno) who also played with the Outlaws from time to time, as did various others [like who?].
Besides releasing a few singles under their real name, the Outlaws also did recordings under other names, e.g. the Rally Rounders, and the Six Shooters. They also provided studio backing for a number of Joe Meek artists, such as Heinz (who toured with the Saints), Burr Bailey (= Dave Adams) (as the Six Shooters), Gunilla Thorne, Glenda Collins, Michael Cox (apparently on several singles and EPs), Houston Wells (= Andy Smith), John Leyton, Dave Kaye, Jess Conrad, Deke Arlon, Freddie Star, Silas Dooley Jr (= Dave Adams), Ronnie Jones, Andy Cavell (for Pye Records?), Mike Berry (whose "Tribute To Buddy Holly" was withdrawn due to contractual disagreements but surfaced later on a Buddy Holly compilation), and others. The Outlaws also toured with Heinz (during late '63 and/or early '64?), Jerry Lee Lewis (a UK tour during July '63), Gene Vincent (2 tours during July and September '63, incl. UK, Germany and France) and probably others.

Albums & singles
Don't You Think It's Time/... [Mike Berry] : UK late 1962 HMV [is Blackmore on this?]
Return Of The Outlaws/Texan Spiritual [Outlaws] : UK February 1963 HMV POP 1124
Dreams Do Come True/Been Invited To A Party [Heinz] : UK May 1963 Decca F.11652
That Set The Wild West Free/Hobo [Outlaws] : UK 1963 HMV POP 1195
San Francisco Bay/Like A Bird Without Feathers [Burr Bailey] : UK June 1963 Decca F.11686
Just Like Eddie/Don't You Knock At My Door [Heinz] : UK June 1963 Decca F.11693
If You Gotta Pick A Baby/... [Glenda Collins] : UK 1963 HMV POP 1233
Merry Go Round/Go On Then [Gunilla Thorne] : UK 1963 HMV POP 1239
In Sweden (EP) [Michael Cox] : Sweden 1963 His Master's Voice HMV 7EGS 296
Heinz (EP) [Heinz] : UK October 1963 Decca DFE 8545
Country Boy/Long Tall Jack [Heinz] : UK November 1963 Decca F.11768
The Kennedy March/... [Joe Meek Orchestra] : UK December 1963
A Tribute to Buddy Holly [lp; Mike Berry] : UK 1963 HMV 7EG 8808
It's Time for Mike Berry [lp; Mike Berry] : UK 1963 HMV 7EG 8793
Law And Order/Do Da Day [Outlaws] : UK January 1964 HMV POP 1241
You Were There/No Matter What They Say [Heinz] : UK January 1964 Decca F.11831
Galway Bay/Living Alone [Houston Wells] : UK January 1964 Parlophone R 5141
Ramona (EP) [Houston Wells] : UK January 1964 Parlophone GEP 8914
A Fool Such As I/... [Dave Kaye] : UK March 1964
Keep a-Knockin'/Shake With Me [Outlaws] : UK April 1964 HMV POP 1277
Please Little Girl/For Lovin' Me This Way [Heinz] : UK June 1964 Decca F.11920
The Bike Beat 1/The Bike Beat 2 [Rally Rounders = Outlaws] : UK 1964 Lyntone LYN 574
Tell The Truth/... [Andy Cavell] : UK 1964 Pye 7N 15610
A Tribute To Eddie [lp; Heinz] : UK 1964 Decca LK.4599
A Tribute To Eddie [lp; Heinz] : Germany April 1965 Decca Records X-ARL-6249/50-X
A Tribute To Eddie [cd; Heinz] : UK 1993 Castle Legends CLC 5117 CM
Thou Shalt Not Steal/Been Invited To A Party [Glenda Collins] : UK 1965 HMV POP 1475
Hurt Me/It Can Happen To Anyone [Jess Conrad] : UK 1965 [Blackmore on the b-side]

Material from above appears on...
Complete Buddy Holly Story [6lp] : Germany 1973 MCA Coral 6.30014-00-501
Just Like Eddie [Heinz] : Germany 1974 Teldec/Decca ND 837
Remembering Heinz [Heinz] : UK 1977 Decca REM 7
The Joe Meek Story [Joe Meek] : UK 1977 Decca DPA-3035/6
Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 1 : UK 1989 Connoisseur RP VSOP LP/MC/CD 143
Rockin' Guitar Rare Items Vol. 6 [Outlaws] : UK 1990 Gibson GIB3178
The Outlaws Ride Again : UK 1990 See For Miles CD 303
Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 2 : UK 1991 Connoisseur RP VSOP LP/MC/CD 157
The Joe Meek Story - The Pye Years : UK 1991 Sequel NED CD 171
The Deep Purple Family Album : UK 1993 Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 187
The Best Of Michael Cox : UK 1993 Sequel NEX CD 243
The Complete Houston Wells : UK 1993 Sequel NEX CD 242
The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy [Joe Meek] : UK 1995 RPM Records RPM 122
Take It! Sessions 63/68 [Blackmore] : UK 1994 RPM Records RPM 120
Blackmore Anthology Vol. 1 : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECX-23903
Blackmore Anthology Vol. 2 : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECX-23904
Best of Ritchie Blackmore : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECW-20139
Blackmore Best Collection : Japan 199? Teichiku CD TECW-25088
Only The Heartaches [Houston Wells & Marksmen] : UK February 1998 Zircon ZIRC 1001
Let's Go! Joe Meek Girls [Various Artist] : UK 1999? RPM Records RPM-166
This Little Girl Gone Rocking [Glenda Collins] : UK 1999? RPM Records RPM-182


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